We won’t lie – we love fried chicken… Who doesn’t? The biggest issue with it though, is finding somewhere that serves the southern fried goodness and it not be drier than Gandhi’s flip flop.

Fear no more, for we have found somewhere in the heart of town which has a cracking menu that will send you clucking mad (sorry…). Pattersons Bar, which sits on Gradwell Street just off Hanover street serves some of the nicest buttermilk chicken we’ve ever had (and trust me, we’ve had a lot). With a decent selection of portion sizes as well as burgers, wings and ‘hot dawgs’, you can be certain you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

The bar has a great drinks menu as well and there is a real relaxed vibe there. You’re not rushed off your table as soon as you’ve finished eating like so many places do these days. The interior is boss too if that’s your thing and the music is great too!

We’ve paired up with Pattersons Bar to offer you and a mate a free meal! To enter, all you have to do is head over to our Instagram @thescousediaries give us a follow and like the picture! Dead easy.

Winner will be announced next week so make sure you keep an eye on our page to find out if its you!


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