Coffee & Fandisha

Where? 5 Brick Lane, Liverpool, L1 Obl (Baltic Triangle) 
What? Breakfast, Brunch, Coffee, Art, Event space.
When? Open most days

Sat proudly on Brick Lane, Coffee & Fandisha (fanciest name for a coffee bar ever?) offers a contemporary surrounding with an African inspired decor. It isn’t huge inside, so tables are limited but they’ve not tried to squeeze seats in every available space so it’s still a comfortable dining experience.

The menu is refreshing. It has some of the old favourites such as pancakes and granola bowls but it also has some tasty alternatives such as pesto eggs with turkey bacon. There are so many places offering very similar dishes these days, it’s always nice to have something different to choose from.

The portions are a great size and the quality of the ingredients used is equally as good. You can really tell that the food here is made with care and that the customers opinion is really valued.

Aside from the food, the drinks menu is seemingly never ending. With a countless selection of tea, coffee, shakes, juices and booze to choose from, you wont be short of options.

Our opinion? A lovely little place with a cracking menu, chilled environment and refreshing take on the current boom in coffee bars.

Coffee and fandisha
Pesto eggs with turkey bacon on Wild Loaf sourdough | Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup.

White Wolf Yoga & Kitchen

Where? Cook Street, Liverpool (Business district) 
What? Breakfast, Dinner (main meals), Yoga. 
When? Restaurant open most days till late. Yoga classes early mornings and most afternoons. 

White Wolf Yoga & Kitchen has been a go to place for us for some time now. The all vegan menu makes us feel as though we’re doing our bit for the planet… I’m not sure why, it just does. Hidden in one of Liverpools many listed buildings, White Wolf has a relaxed, warm, Nordic vibe and is always incredibly relaxed.

White Wolf offer a healthy selection of breakfasts including a mix on a traditional English breakfast, the ‘Big Boston’ breakfast (Turmeric tofu, crushed avocado, seitan, sour dough). They also have a variety of super bowls, tofu dishes and of course, the faithful avocado on sourdough. The afternoon/evening menu includes some classics such as nachos, pizza and a burger all made using natural, vegan ingredients.  There really is something for everyone.

Behind the kitchen is the yoga studio. Classes run  most days at various times. The best way to check is to use the online timetable. You can book here as well. The kitchen has a variety of super juices so you can refresh after you’re morning yoga session and start the day feeling fresh and revitalised.

white wolf
Turmeric and chilli tofu with crushed avocado on sourdough toast.

Lovelocks Coffee Shop

Where? Unit 6, Old Haymarket (By the old tunnel)
What? Breakfast, brunch, cake, coffee, Vegan/Veg/Gluten friendly, exhibition space 
When? Open 7 days a week

One of our latest discoveries is Lovelocks Coffee shop, which you’ll find just off the bottom of Dale St. Lovelocks might just be the homeliest of Liverpools coffee shops. It has that inviting feeling when you walk in that makes you want to sit down, read a book (or more accurately, sit on your phone…) sip coffee, eat cake and relax. What more could you possibly ask for? To take your dog? Well that’s OK too as Lovelocks is pet friendly. They even have dog biscwits at hand so the pooch won’t feel too left out.

Down to the important stuff, the food. Lovelocks have a selection home made cakes to choose from which vary from to day to day. They always have a vegan/gluten free selection available to you can be rest assured, you’ll find something you like here. On the day we went, there was a courgette and coconut cake which might sound slightly bonkers, but in reality, was absolutely amazing.

They also have a great choice for breakfast. Mostly traditional English; eggs, bacon, toast etc. but also some lovely overnight oats, as well as porridge with a variety of tasty toppings. Lunch doesn’t go amiss as Lovelocks have a huge selection of sandwiches, bagels and salads available made to order.

Chai latte | Fruit toast | Courgette & Coconut cake | Latte

Love Thy Neighbour

Where? Bold Street
What? Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Cocktails
When? Open 7 days a week till late

Last on our list is Love Thy Neighbour, one of Bold Streets newer hot spots. Located in the old ‘Central Perc’ unit towards the top end of the street, Love Thy Neighbour is a cool, contemporary restaurant with sleek furnishings and cool neon lights (and a garden on the ceiling).  They have all day brunch, all day breakfast, cali toast (3 pieces of sourdough topped with a variety of meats, vegies or dips depending on your preference) smoothie bowls and much more.

Similar to the others on our list, Love Thy Neighbour uses local, healthy ingredients and you can really tell that the food is of very good quality. With the level of competition these days in Liverpool, it’s becoming increasingly important for food establishments to ensure their ingredients are a step above the rest.

There is a full bar available if you fancy picking up where you left off the night before, or if you’re ready to being that weekend detox, there is a selection of nutritious juices and smoothies available too.

love thy

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