Last week, we were invited down to give the new ‘Steak & Pint’ deal at McCooleys on Concert Square a bash. As part of their new menu, the guys at Liverpools biggest sports bar are offering punters some mid week deals including this and a burger & a pint on Thursdays for the same price, 8 quid.

McCooleys, which has fast become one of Liverpools favourite places to watch the game, isn’t just about the booze. They offer a cracking selection of food (burgers, chicken, pies, nachos etc) and it’s all really well priced. You might think that with it being a bar, the food wouldn’t really be up to much, but we can assure you that it is! The portion size is good, the quality is great and it’s table service too, so there’s no long waits for your next beer.

If sports isn’t really your thing, McCooleys often have live music to keep the crowd entertained. It can vary from a man and his guitar to a woman and her band playing all the classics. We bet you a pint you’ll hear Wonderwall at least once.

The atmosphere is always booming and because there is so much seating/standing space, you never feel like it’s too crowded. The fact there is 3 bars helps as well… no one likes standing round for half their night waiting for their next drink.

Steak & a pint for £8

McCooleys will soon have a twin! JSM Bars, the mastmind behind some of Liverpools most loved bars and restaurants are in the middle of developing a second unit which will be located on Matthew Street. The bar will be very much the same as the concert square doppelganger offering live music, all the sports you could want, food and of course, drink.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for more updates.

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