Competition | St Patrick’s Day at Salt Dog Slims

This St Patrick’s Day, Seel Street favourite, Salt Dog Slims, will be opening their doors at 10am, inviting Whisky lovers to take part in their one-off hot-dog competition, with the chance of winning an incredible, soon-to-be revealed prize.   To win this mystery prize, guests must take part in a hot-dog eating competition which will challenge competitors to eat a hot-dog, down a schooner of … Continue reading Competition | St Patrick’s Day at Salt Dog Slims

Competition – Pattersons

We won’t lie – we love fried chicken… Who doesn’t? The biggest issue with it though, is finding somewhere that serves the southern fried goodness and it not be drier than Gandhi’s flip flop. Fear no more, for we have found somewhere in the heart of town which has a cracking menu that will send you clucking mad (sorry…). Pattersons Bar, which sits on Gradwell Street … Continue reading Competition – Pattersons