WHERE? Bold Street, Liverpool 
WHAT? Asian inspired mixed bowls (meat, vegetables, fish) 
WHEN? Open 7 days a week 
Price? From £5 per bowl 

One of the newest eateries to open on the infamous Bold Street is Vincent Kitchen, a bowl food restaurant.  You may be familiar with the Vincent brand who have other restaurants both in the city centre and Southport.

Vincent Kitchen offers its guests the chance to build their ideal bowl with healthy, nutritious, and most importantly, tasty ingredients. A similar concept to Subway or Bar Burrito, their Asian inspired ingredients are cooked fresh throughout the day and their produce is delivered each morning.

Vincent Kitchen – Bold Street

To start, there is a choice of brown or white rice, noodles or if you’re feeling particularly healthy, you can go for a mixed leaf salad. This forms the base. Next up it’s the meat, or as we like to call it, the important stuff! There is Thai grilled chicken, Thai fish cakes, sweet chili tofu and beef satay meatballs. There is also a “guest” topping available from time to time. We got the pulled pork when we went and it was incredibly tasty. Next up, a selection of vegetables which range from courgettes to sweet potato. Not only does the vegetable make the bowls look visually appetizing, they also make the bowls refreshing and nutritious. Everything you want if you’re looking for a healthier option! No bowl would be complete without the all-important sauce. On offer, there is Thai yellow sauce, Thai red sauce (for that extra kick), teriyaki sauce (perfect if you like rich, soy flavours) and peanut sauce. These all accompany the dishes perfectly so you can be rest assured which ever you go for, you won’t be disappointed. But obviously… you’ll want to go for the peanut sauce! Finally, the garnish, for that additional dash of colour and spice.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, be sure to check out Vincent Kitchens Hawian inspired Poke Salads. Poke consists of fresh fish, exotic fruits, seaweed, rice and other mouth-watering ingredients.

Vincent Kitchen have recently started their ‘Mate or Date’ offer which consists of 2 bowls, 2 deserts and a bottle of wine or 4 beers. All for just £25. This is available everyday after 5pm so it’s well worthwhile popping in after work or before a trip to the cinema.




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