JD Gym
Where? 14 Dale Street, L2 4TH (A few doors down from Moose Coffee)

How much? £19.99
Opening times? Mon-Fri 6am-10pm Sat/Sun/Bank Hols 8am-8pm
Contract? No

Located in an impressive Grade II listed building JD gym has been open for a couple of years now and fast became the gym of choice for many commuters due to its prominent location close to Moorfields train station and short walking distance from the centre’s Business District.

The gym feels huge and it is!  Set over 3 floors the space is well used with over 250 machines, a very well stocked free weights area, a bootcamp and boxing area, running track and segregated area for spin and other classes.  There is even a sauna in each of the changing rooms to unwind after a session.

When JD Gym opened in Liverpool the variety of gyms was limited but they offer a great deal in comparison to their competition.  They come in to their own by appealing to many different gym goers by having pretty much everything you’d need.  Usually due to space being at a premium in town the compromise is less equipment or a cheaper finish to be able to be priced into the competitive budget market but at JD the equipment and decor feels less like a budget gym in this respect.

Great if you want an all round gym with a huge choice of equipment and never need to visit out of generic gym hours!


Where? 39 Strand Street, One Park West, L1 8LT

How much? £13.99/month (No contract)
Opening times? 24 hours
Contract? No

Found in the redeveloped area that is Liverpool One’s Chavasse Park – and simply titled “The Gym”, its spread over 3 floors of the One Park West development. A few years ago The Gym was one of very few in the area but now faces tough competition and appears slightly quieter these days which is no bad thing…plus there’s more equipment than ever! Despite feeling compact The Gym is in fact full of every bit of equipment required with the space well used to house as much as possible. Floor 1 has the majority of cardio machines and some cables, floor 2 the main free weight section and resistance machines, and floor 3 more cardio machines alongside a good sized floor area for core work and classes to be housed.

The Gym also offers an experience called MyRide whereby riders of all skill levels are challenged to bike ride on virtual road races with over 1,000 different routes to choose from. Something to make that post workout cardio a bit more interesting for sure!

The big win for this gym is without a doubt the view! Floor to ceiling windows line two sides of the building with enviable views across the world famous Albert, Salthouse and Canning docks. The Gym are also part of the 24 hour gym revolution so you can attend any time day or night.

The Gym is also the cheapest gym we sampled – at a cost to you of less than 50p per day – they are not beaten on price for a full 24 hour membership. Fitness without breaking the bank. Fab!

the gym

Where? Lewis’s Building, 40 Ranelagh Street, L1 1QE

How much? £12.99/month off peak, £17.99/month standard
Opening times? 24 hours
Contract? No

Pure is located in the basement of what was the Lewis Building on Ranelagh Street so naturally there is plenty of space given the size of the building. Again fully equipped with everything you could require and having a great area for classes.

A big plus for Pure is it’s close proximity to central station making it ideal for a lot of commuters! However, commuters take note the off peak member ship can’t be used between 10am and 9pm midweek so make sure you’re on the standard membership. The gym is 24 hours though so there’s plenty of time to go before work or any other times of the day! Also naturally it’s great for those students up at all hours being closer to the more studenty area of the centre.

The lack of natural light is noticeable – but it doesn’t feel enclosed as the space is well used with designated free weights, machines, cardio and class areas and in total over 220 pieces of kit.

Pure Gym also offer over 50 free classes per week if that would an ideal for you. Great for those looking to take advantage of the motivation a class instructor can offer!


Where? Clayton Square, Great Charlotte Street, L1 1QR
How much? £16.99/month
Opening times? 24 hours
Contract? No

Part of the Easy family (jet, hotels, bus, car hire – you name it), easyGym is again close to travel links, set halfway between Lime street and Central stations. You wouldn’t think if from the outside but once in there the gym feels expansive and spacious. There is the wide variety of equipment you would expect nowadays from a gym.

Being slightly more expensive than The Gym and Pure Gyms standard membership, easyGym attempts to offset this by offering a concept called PACK – Group personal training at no additional cost to your standard membership. Something that will do doubt save you money if you would like to try the advantages of working with a PT but aren’t sure yet of paying for the cost of a group of solo sessions.


Where? 109 Old Hall Street, L3 9BD

How much? £33/month
Opening times? Mon – Fri 6.30am-9.30pm Sat – Sun 8am – 8pm
Contract? Yes – 6 months

Priced at a more typical ‘health club’ style membership cost, Ark Health & Fitness housed in the cities Radisson Blu hotel, is an addition on this list due to its proximity to the business district, making it a genuine option for many commuters. it being one of the only real viable options in the very centre for a gym with spa-style facilities (other than a sauna) to make use of.

Offering a fair selection of equipment for a hotel gym, it doesn’t compete with any of the above on variety but has resistance machines and cardio equipment suitable for many. Not to mention a yoga and dance studio home to 15 classes a week free for members.

Where this gym comes into its own however, is offering access to the hotels spa that houses a pool, sauna, steam room and whirlpool.
Opening hours are similar to that of JD gyms, however doesn’t offer what the Gym, Pure and Easy offer in terms of 24 hour fitness.

Overall, not a bad price for offering spa style facilities alongside gym equipment. A definite one to consider if you would like access to a spa but don’t forget the contract is 6 months.


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