Have you been given the challenge of planning your best mates stag do but haven’t got a clue what to do? We’ve thrown together some ideas to take the stress out of it for you. This is our 2 days guide giving you all the tips of where to go and what to expect. All you have to do is book it and turn up. Easy, right?

Get your tracky ready and your ket wig combed. Here’s what’s going on!

Day 1

12pm: Almost Famous – Lunch & Beer

Get the day started with a whopping burger from the legendary Almost Famous on Parr Street and wash it down with some of their imported ales or crazy cocktails (if that’s allowed on a stag do?). Make sure you get plenty of fries for the table to because they’re not worth missing out on either.

2pm: Paintballing – Activity

Once you’ve let the food settle, head over to Ultimate Indoor Paint balling on Vauxhall road (about a 25 minute walk or 10 minute cab from Almost Famous). These guys know how to look after a stag party so they’ll make sure you get the most out of your time in the arena. It’s a stag do, so make sure the groom is wearing something boss just to make a show.

4pm: Bierkeller – Drinks

After you’ve decided who’s the best at paintballing, head over to Bierkeller in Liverpool One (opposite the Hilton hotel) and kick back with a few steins of beer. Again, Bierkeller cater for stag parties so if there’s a fair few of you, give them a call and let them know you’ll be joining them for a few. There’s often live music, plenty of sports on TV and enough choice of beer to keep you busy for a good couple of hours.

6pm: Reds True BBQ – Dinner & Beer

Before the night really kicks in, make sure you head to Reds True BBQ on Hanover Street.  A short walk from Liverpool One, Reds will make sure anyone hungry in the group won’t face the night ahead with an empty stomach. For those with the big appetites, there is the Reds True BBQ Feast which has a lot of everything on. Ribs, Chicken, Brisket, Onion Rings, Chips, Sausages. Wings. Honestly, it’s huge. For those of you who think eating is cheating, be sure to try a 3 pint growler which always go down well.

The True BBQ Feast

8pm: McCooleys – Sport/Pool & Drinks

Continuing the theme of the day – Drinking. Take a walk up to Concert Square, Liverpool’s primary bar and club location and one of the cities busier spots. Here you’ll find McCooleys Sports bar. A guilty pleasure of ours. Good music, live sport, plenty of beer, plenty of bar space and loads of seating. A boss place to start whats probably going to be a bit of a messy night.

10pm: Bar Cava – Shots

We’re going to leave you to plan the rest of the night yourself. The chance is, you wouldn’t remember what we’ve said anyway! BUT before we do that, take a walk down to Bar Cava at the bottom of Wood Street (a 5 minute walk from Mcgooleys) and give their selection of Tequila a go. The flavours include, lime, strawberry, chocolate, chilli, baked bean… Tequila roulette anyone?

Just a few of the flavours available

Day 2

10pm: Tabac – Breakfast

We imagine it’s been a long night. We expect that there are some sore heads. We hope there are some funny stories. To get you set up for day 2, start your morning with a breakfast from Cafe Tabac on Bold Street. A unique cafe/bar with with a menu that will have you right as rain in no time. And if you’re ready to crack on with the booze, then Tabac has got that covered too. It’s only a small place though so it might be worth planning ahead here to make sure you don’t miss out.

11pm: Ghetto Golf – Activity 

We’ve gone for a slightly more laid back activity for day 2. There will still be the chance for some friendly competition and shots for the loser, but there’ll be a lot less suicide dives involved (depending on how competitive you are…). Ghetto golf consists of 18 holes and costs £10pp. It’s located at the Old Cains Brewery just outside the city centre (20 minute walk from Liverpool One or 5 minute cab ride). As you can probably expect, it gets busy quickly so make sure you book in advance.

Ghetto Golf

1pm: Birdies Bar – Drinks

Once you’ve decided who’s best at golf and who’d probably be better off not picking up a club again, head outside to Birdys Bar. This cool little venue  opened up earlier in the Summer and has a chilled Polynesian vibe (whatever that is). They often have live music playing of a weekend and have a great selection of cocktails.

3pm: Luche Libra – Scran

To finish your stag weekend in Liverpool, we’d definitely recommend stopping by Lucha Libre. It’s Liverpools favourite Mexican restaurant and it won’t disappoint. Whether its burritos, enchiladas, tacos or nacho’s that you’re after, these guys will have it covered. The food is quick, tasty and the portions are spot on. There’s isn’t much they can do wrong! The venue isn’t huge but if you’re there early enough, you should be fine getting a bigger group in. There’s plenty of booze on offer and they do a cracking Margarita.

Street tray from Luche Libre

5pm – Head home & Recover

Hopefully you’ll not be in too much of a state at the end of the scouse stag do and that actually you’ll have a boss time in Liverpool. Next time though, maybe just bring the mrs and lay of the booze?


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