With 4 weeks left until Christmas, it’s probably time you started getting into the festive spirit. If you’re anything like me, you probably hate even thinking about it until December, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid these days. It seems that Christmas is everywhere… and starts in October! It’s not all bad though, it means the turkey butties are back on the shelves and mulled wine becomes widely available in bars and restaurants (win win!). It also means that the Liverpool Ice Festival is back and we got a chance to try all the attractions!


Ice bar

First up was the Ice Bar. Positioned next to the ice rink and slide, the Ice Bar gives you a first-hand experience of what it’s like going to an Eskimo’s pub. As you can imagine, it’s cold, it’s fairly dark and there are a few statues of Elsa hanging around. You get a snazzy silver poncho to keep your clothes dry and you also get a shot to warm you up. Each sessions lasts about 30 minutes and there’s a bit of a disco going on as well. Kids are welcome and even get their own (non-alcoholic) drink to join in the fun.

Elsa doing her thing

Ice Skating

It’s fair to say, everyone has been ice skating at least once in their lives. Probably on a school trip or something similar. It’s also probably fair to say that not everyone is a natural… we certainly won’t be volunteering for dancing on ice anytime soon. Despite being pretty shi*t on the ice, as always, it was so much fun. The rink is well maintained so the ice is smooth, the music is loud so the atmosphere is great, and the bodies are slipping and sliding everywhere. What more can you possibly ask for? Again, the ice rink is kid friendly so no matter what age, you can be sure everyone can get involved. There’s even little penguins to keep you upright (they might be for the kids, but put you should always put yourselves first).

The Ice Rink getting the once over

Ice Slide

In my opinion, the ice slide is possibly the scariest attraction at the Liverpool Ice Festival. And in the world. Not only was I knackered after walking up the hill to get to the top of the slide, I was having a minor heart attack at the thought of going back down in a rubber dingy. If you can get over this fear, like I so bravely did, then you’ll laugh the entire way down. It’s high, it’s fast and if you do it later in the day, the pitch black which adds to the entire experience.

The (very scary) Ice Slide


There are plenty of places at the Liverpool Ice Festival to get food but if you’re going to do it right, you need to get yourselves a bratwurst. The giant German sausages are available in a number of different flavours and will warm you up after you’ve fallen on your arse a couple of times. There’s also crepe and waffle stalls if you’ve got a sweeter tooth as well as some more traditional English grub.

The Bratwurst


There are plenty of rides at the festival, it’s not all just about the ice! From big wheels to dodgems, to those things that spin you round so fast you feel like you’ve had a few too many scoops, you’ll definitely find one or two to keep you entertained for the afternoon. The prices aren’t too bad either, so don’t worry about having to pay the cost of a ticket to the Pleasure Beach just for a go on the waltzers.

The Big Wheel

The Liverpool Ice Festival is located at the Liverpool pier head and is open every day. Over the weekend, the attractions are open till 21:30 and during the week, they’re open till 20:30. It is open right through to the new year. Tickets for the attractions can be purchased from the box office on the day but to avoid the queue, you can book them here.

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