Way back when The Scouse Diaries was finding it’s feet, we were invited to the Ropewalks bar and kitchen on Hanover street to sample some new dishes on their Summer menu which was super exciting for us as we didn’t have a clue what we were doing! Since then, we’re fortunate enough have been to lots more launches and events which we’re really grateful for.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Ropewalks, they offer a broad selection of food from curry’s, to oriental dishes, to pizza and burgers. Something for everyone, you might say! Recently, we took a trip back to where it all began to get a taste of the new winter menu which recently launched.


The starters

To start, we went for the good ol’ nachos. It’s a pretty safe choice, sure, but I’m always interested to see how different restaurants choose to pile them up. If there isn’t enough toppings and they hold back on the cheese, they may as well hand you a bag of tortilla chips. Thankfully, though, as you’ll see from the pictures, Ropewalks smother the nachos in cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. They also throw on some jalapenos and spring onion for extra flavour/decoration.

We also tried the pulled ham bonbons which were highly recommended by the staff. Balls of ham deep fried and served with a mustard relish, these bad boys were pretty special. The meat was soft and juicy and the coating was crisp so it made for a perfect combination.


The mains

As we said, the menu has a great choice of mains and it has something for everyone. We kept true to our name and went for the Scouse. A generous bowl of stew packed with soft beef and vegetables in a rich gravy. Served with a chunk of bread and butter and a side of cabbage, this is the ideal winter warmer. Especially with it being as cold as it has been these last weeks.

We also went for the pizza, not only because it’s one of our favourite foods, but also to see how it squared up to all local competition. We were pleasantly surprised when a good 12+inch pizza piled high with cheese and a variety of meat was put in front of us. I’m not 100% sure, but I actually think I might have drooled a little bit.


The Deserts

Admittedly, we were pretty full by the time the deserts came and it’s true that our eyes were probably too big for our bellies… but we powered through. To finish, we went for cheesecake and creme brulee, staying true to what we know and like. I think you’ll agree from the picture that we made good choices.


If you’re not looking for food, the Ropewalks Lounge has a great bar and plenty of table space for you and your pals. It’s ideal if you’re heading to the Echo for the evening or you’re looking to escape the hustle of town after a long day spending your wages!

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