When it comes to dining out, I have to admit that sometimes, we’re a little bit “safe”. A lot of the time, we’ll go to a restaurant simply because we’ve been there before so we know what to expect. Often, you’ll try somewhere new based on a recommendation from your mate and you’ll be disappointed and then you’ll be in a mood all weekend because your dinner was crap!

Anyway, recently we were invited to Rumi by Bukhara on Mount Pleasant to try some of their traditional curries, tandoori and other dishes. I’m a big fan of Indian cuisine because of the rich flavours, textures and variety so I was thrilled to add Rumi to my list of places to eat in Liverpool!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a huge smile by the manager who sat us down, took our drinks order and shared the menus with us. As it was midweek, we were both sensible and had coffee’s with our meal. I’m a bit of a coffee snob so I was pleased that the latte I ordered was both hot and strong. There’s nothing worse than a warm glass of milk!

After we’d settled and had a browse through the menu, the manger came back and talked us through some dishes that he recommended based on our tastes. One advantage of doing what we do is that we’re often convinced to try new things rather than ordering the usual! We settled on sharing some paneer to start so that we had plent of space for the main. Paneer, for those who don’t know, is an unaged cheese that is widely used in Asian cooking. It’s not too dissimilar to halloumi in taste but much softer in texture. Served in a tikka style marinade with a small side salad, the paneer is the perfect starter for cheese lovers. It’s rich, creamy but light and fluffy.

Tandoori paneer tikka

For our mains, we went for the Methi Chicken (a dish cooked with onions, yogurt, ginger, garlic, spices, tomatoes and fenugreek) and also the Handi Gosht Laziz Lamb (Lamb cooked with fresh onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, spices, fresh cream and coconut milk).

Methi Chicken

Both dishes were a very generous size and both same with a really nice serving of meat. We’ve all had a curry before that’s been 90% sauce 10% meat and that’s good for no one! It was very apparent that the curries were cooked to order using fresh ingredients and they weren’t swimming in oil.

The Mains

Our curries were served with mushroom rice, pilau rice, peshwari naan and poppadoms all of which were fresh and flavoursome. We also had a chutney tray for some extra dipping!

One thing you’ll notice when you first walk into Rumi is the gelato fridge packed with some of the nicest looking ice creams you’ll see in Liverpool. The flavours vary from your traditional vanilla right through to Kinder Bueno, Snickers and bubblegum. The gelato is made in house by Italian ice cream master, Mario.

Overall, our experience of Rumi was well and truly above our expectations and we really would recommend giving it a try if you’re in the area. We all know that one particular curry restaurant in Liverpool, but if you’re looking for something a little more traditional cooked by experts, then this is the place for you.

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