On Tuesday, we spent the night with some very lovely bloggers from Liverpool and beyond. The event took place at Trattoria 51 on Old Hall Street and was hosted by Pink Media.

We saw some friendly faces and had the privilege of meeting some new faces as well. We were greeted by the lovely manager and owner of the restaurant who got us started on the prosecco pretty much straight away! After the introductions were out of the way, we moved onto the good stuff… the food and gossip!

Garlic bread

We started the with a roasted pepper stuffed with risotto and cheese in a tomato sauce. There was a fairly amazing garlic bread flying round the table too so obviously, we had some of that too.

Peperone Ripieno

For the main, we kept it classic. The Diavola pizza. A thin crust base topped with spicy chicken, pepperoni, chilli and rosemary.

Pizza Diavola

To finish, despite the fact I’m meant to be on a pre-holiday diet, I had a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream. Honestly, what’s not to like about any of these dishes!

Chocolate Brownie

Trattoria is a bit of a hidden gem that has a really cracking menu and some ideal lunch time offers. Step away from your usual Pizza Express and Zizi’s and try something different! Thanks to Pink Media for arranging another great get together.

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