If you’re from Liverpool and spend most of your days on Instagram,Facebook or Twitter, it’s highly likely you will have seen that last month, The Florist opened it’s doors on Hardman Street. Located in the incredible old blind school, The Florist is quite possibly the most “did it for the gram” restaurant to have ever opened it’s doors in Liverpool. But is that enough?

We were asked to go in and try their Sunday menu, which as you can imagine, was a selection of roast dinners. It’s fair to say that the food lives up to the aesthetics of the building, the atmosphere and the experience. It’s important to mention that the cocktails are pretty sensational too. We worked our way through the entire menu just to be sure they were good. You’re welcome.

I think on this occasion, we’re better letting the images do all the talking as they tell a much better story, so we won’t bore you anymore!



The Florist
The fanciest staircase in the North West


The Florist
Beef Roast Dinner


The Florist
Year round blossom tree


Rose Neon


Cheesecake of Dreams




Floral lighting


The Florist


Thanks to the team at The Florist for a lovely weekend. We’re converted and we will be back!!


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