Did you know that there is a new pie restaurant open on Bold Street? Pieminister, which has a number of locations across the UK, has taken the spot of the short lived (and very missed) Vincent Bowl *cries in spanish*. As part of our ’13 Dishes, 1 City’ we took a trip! You can probably imagine, the menu consists of a whole lot of pies with a whole lot of fillings. The sides all sound really tasty too, so there’s plenty to choose from.

The restaurant itself has a very urban, hipster vibe about it. Lots of neon lights, lots of exposed brick, lighting and craft wood. There are plenty of staff, so you’re never sat like a lemon waiting to order, and they have a full bar with come tempting cocktail offers (241 at certain times!). They also have a bottomless brunch for you hardcore weekend drinkers.

Can I lick it?


Pie n Mash


Pie n Slaw


Good times with pies


Cherry Pie

The soft serve pies (soft serve ice cream in a wafer bowl) are the perfect desert to finish the meal with. There are so many different variations to choose from including cherry, lemon, strawberry, chocolate etc. The smart thing to do would be to try them all.

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