Last week we were invited to join the Think Publicity team at the Titanic Hotel to sample their new summer menu. The hotel itself is one of my favourite spaces to visit outside of the city centre. Despite being a stones throw away from the hustle of Liverpool, it manages to maintain an incredibly relaxed demeanour which would make you believe you’re a world away from anywhere!

I’d be lying if I said it was my first time eating at Stanley’s Bar & Grill (the on site restaurant, named after the old dock on which the hotel is built) but I’ve never branched further than a pizza or roast dinner so I was looking forward to experiencing a taster of their other dishes.

We were greeted with some pretty fancy looking cocktails (they had edible flowers in, but no one was quite brave enough to put that theory to the test at first!).

The food seemed to be never ending (my idea of Heaven tbh) as the dishes, despite being small plates, kept coming. We had a real mixture to choose from giving us a broader understanding of what they have to offer.

Titanic Onion Bhajis

A spin on the Indian classic. Onion bhajis served with spiced cauliflower, mango and raisins.

Lamb Rump

Sliced lamb served on a bed of spiced Moroccan cous cous  with chared vegetables and harissa.

Seared Scallops

Scallops served with chickpeas, ham and paprika. Not something I’d usually go for, but definitely worth trying if you’re a fan of scallops!


Seabass served in a Thai curry with puffed rice and coconut. Probably my favourite of all the dishes as it was unexpectedly tasty. The fish was fresh, meaty and full of flavour. Serving it with the curry and noodles gave the dish real depth. This would be my pick if I was to go back again any time soon!

Titanic Battered Fish

The good old British favourite. Beer battered fish severed with triple cooked chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce and lemon to garnish. Can’t go wrong here, let’s face it. We all love a chippy!

After we had worked our way through the menu, we were treated to a cocktail master class in which I was very kindly volunteered by everyone else to take part. I was challenged to make a variation of the classic strawberry daiquiri (made with dark rum). It was a lot harder that it looked, but I think I managed to make a half decent drink (I even got a certificate for doing so… jackpot!)

Strawberry Jackari


Thank you very much for the teams at both Titanic & Think for putting on a lovely evening. As always, it is very much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon!

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