This week, we were invited to the newly opened Rough Hand Made bakery in the iconic Royal Albert Dock. We didn’t get a great deal of information about what to expect from the evening, just that we had to be prepared to get our bake on! Rough Hand Made isn’t completely new to Liverpool so you may have heard the name before as it called Penny Lane home for a couple of years before moving to the city this Summer.

Specialist in artisan bread and pastries, Rough Hand Made offers it’s guests the chance to munch on their fresh baked good which are hand prepared in store every single day. Doors open from 7:30 till 4:30 Monday to Friday and 8:30 on the weekend.

The Bake Off

So what where we doing there? Upon arrival, we were able to have a look around the store and see where the magic happens (quite literally… the croissants are magical!). We were also given a whole load of samples which I was more than happy to ‘test’.

Shortly after, we were flung an apron and it was our turn to shine. It’s fair to say Laura (Liverpool Noise, My Foodie Journey) and I were both bricking it given that neither of us had cooked before, but I think we did pretty well.

We started by making some of our own croissants filled with pretty much anything we wanted! I went for chocolate, cinnamon, hazelnuts and more chocolate. Healthy as always.


I’d love to say we rolled the pastry ourselves, but we only had a couple of hours and we’d probably mess that up so we just had to fill the sheet. To be honest, that was much more fun (plus we could sample the chocolate, just in case, you know, we’d never had it before).

Once they pastry was filled, it was ready to be rolled, chopped, egged and put in the prover (I’m not convinced that’s the proper term, but it proves dough so I’m going with it). This process took about 60 minutes start to finish, and once it was all done, they were ready to go into the oven. This took an additional 18 minutes. Was it worth it? It was worth every second.

The smell alone was incredible. We all know baked goods smell good but often they don’t taste quite as nice as they smell. It’s fair to say, we were taught well because the croissants tasted amazing *pats self on the back*.


We had a brilliant time working with the team at Think Publicity, The Royal Albert Dock and of course, Rough Hand Made.

If you’re in the dock, make sure you pay them a visit. The coffee is equally as good as the bakery so make sure you grab one of those too!

Coming to 2019 Great British Bake Off

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