Big Ben in the SELFIE capital of the UK, according to a new poll, but that’s no surprise!

A selfie map of the UK has been put together from new research into the travelling habits of social media-driven modern Brits, with Big Ben revealed as the number one selfie spot in the country. The study reveals the nation’s favourite travel snap locations according to young Brits, with The Shard coming in second, and Glastonbury Festival making third place. That being said, Liverpool has made it onto the list and you’ll not be surprised which spot made the cut!

The capital dominates the list, with Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge also featuring in the top five, but iconic locations across the country make the cut too, with Stonehenge, the White Cliffs of Dover, the Angel of the North and Old Trafford also on the list.

The research of 16 to 25-year-old Brits, by National Rail for 16-25 Railcard, revealed the lengths this age group will go to for the perfect selfie – each travelling on average 153 miles per month for leisure, spending 9 hours on trains, 5 on planes, and 7 hours sharing lifts with friends.

Liverpool, though, which has become an increasingly popular (and rightfully so) city to visit in the last couple of years has seen one particular area of the city go selfie mad. The Baltic Crossing on Jamaica street, which is home to artist Paul Curtis’ Liver Birds mural has dominated local Instagram accounts in 2018 with locals, tourists, dogs and even a horse getting in front of the wings for their picture.

Here is a list of other spots that made the cut:


Top Selfie Spots in the UK 

1) Big Ben 11%

2) The Shard 9%

3) Glastonbury Festival 8%

4) Buckingham Palace 6%

5) Tower Bridge 5%

6) Lavender Fields 5%

7) Stonehenge 4%

8) Old Trafford 3%

9) White Cliffs of Dover 3%

10) Ben Nevis 3%

11) The Angel of The North 3%

12) St Pauls Cathedral 2%

13) Arthur’s Seat 2%

14) Piccadilly Circus 2%

15) Land’s End 2%

16) Blenheim Palace 1%

17) The Gherkin 1%

18) Clifton Suspension Bridge 1%

19) Abbey Road Crossing 1%

20) Baltic Crossing, Jamaica Street 1%

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