I was recently contacted by Manchester Private Hospital (specialist in cosmetic surgery) and they asked to work together which is always nice! They didn’t want me to focus on anything specific so it got me thinking about something I’ve never really thought about before… Why is cosmetic surgery such a curse word?

We often hear about woman who have paid to have their boobs or lips ‘done’ or fellas who have a sneaky bit of lipo in the run up to Summer – beach body ready and all that. Be honest with yourself though, when you hear someone tell you this, what is your initial thought? Mine are normally pretty negative, “lazy” or “vain” or something to that degree. I could never quite get my head around why someone would choose to have surgery over trying to achieve something naturally.

That being said, I had my own little journey when I was in my early twenties (seems like ages ago). I’d always been a little bit on the heavier side during my teens but I knew I never wanted to start uni looking like I did. I decided to do something about it. As tempting as weight loss surgery was at the time, I felt like I would be a failure if that was the route I took. Instead, I joined a gym, I changed my eating habits and I worked REALLY hard to get in shape. It didn’t happen over night and I was never completely happy with how I looked but when I look back at pictures like the below, I realise that it was a big accomplishment.

Fast forward 10 years, I’ve managed to keep the weight off, I eat fairly well and I exercise (occasionally…) so that’s all fine. Now though, my biggest self consciousness is my ever receding hair line (honestly, my hair starts about 3 inches back from where it should). No amount of spinning or spinach is going to stop that bad boy from getting any worse. So what are my options? Sure I could go bald gracefully, but I’m not emotionally ready to loose my locks. The answer? A hair transplant. Why wouldn’t I? It’s a solution to my problem. I’m not saying I’ll do it any time soon, but as I approach my thirties – I definitely need to keep an open mind.



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