Last month, I was contacted by the friendly team at Graham’s who have recently launched Blend Number 5, White Port. They had 2 really easy questions for me. Have I heard of White Port before? And would I know where to find it in Liverpool? I’m guessing your answers would be the same as mine. No and No!


The idea behind their White Port creation is to appeal to those who, at the minute, don’t drink or have never tried Port. It’s fair to say that in recent years, Gin has arguably (and possibly factually) become the biggest selling spirit in the UK. There are more than 95 Gin Brands on the market in the UK at the minute, so you can understand why Graham’s launched what I’m sure they’re hoping will be the next big ‘drink’.


So, what does is taste like? Well, as it’s made of white grapes, it has the similar undertones to a sweet white wine. It is fruity, with noticeable flavours of apricot and other citrus fruits. As you’d expect with it being a port rather than a spirit, it’s not as strong as some drinks. Graham’s Blend Number 5 has an alcohol strength of 19%.


As with most drinks that require a mixer, it is very much up to you to decide what to mix it with! Because of it’s light, summer taste, I tried to keep it simple by using a couple of different mixers. I had one with tonic, one with fresh lime and soda and the last with apple juice. I wasn’t entirely sure which was the most appropriate, buy my favourite was without a doubt, the fresh lime and soda variation! It had the perfect balance of sweet and sour which is something I always look for. I’ve still got plenty left to try out some other flavours, but I don’t encourage mid-week drinking…!


As well as being available in stores and online (Harvey Nics for example), there are several stockists of Grahams Blend Number 5 in Liverpool so you can try before you buy! If, like me, you have a little bar in your home, then would definitely be worth adding to the Collection as the bottle make for a great addition!

If, after reading this post, you’re desperate to try your own glass of Grahams, then here are some of the pubs/bars you’ll find it in Liverpool:

  • Clockworks
  • Fredriks
  • Volpi
  • The Pen Factory
  • Bitter Social
  • Jenever Gin Bar
  • Free State Kitchen
  • The Brunch Club
  • Petit Café du Coin
  • The Merchant

I was gifted the bottle of Grahams Blend Number 5 by Hope and Glory PR, but the opinions above are my own and haven’t been influenced by them in anyway.




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