Like many organisations, St Luke’s Bombed Out Church has had to close during the Covid-19 lockdown period from March 2020.Set in the heart of the city, it has remained one of the Liverpool’s most stunning venues, host to a wide range of music, arts and culture across the years, famously with its roof missing.

St Luke’s has, in the past, relied mainly on tourism – both local and international – for much of its income via visitor’s charitable donations. Due to the quarantine restrictions placed on the UK, the team do not expect this income to continue for the foreseeable future and therefore have had to look at alternate sources of revenue to pay for ongoing expenses and maintenance.

And now as the country’s hospitality industry begins to open up again, they have got some very exciting news.


The Bombed Out Church Garden Bar

The team are now very proud to reveal their Bombed Out Church Garden Bar is now open.

The Garden Bar will be operated within the gardens only around the church building itself, with ample space. It will offer a premium range of drinks, all via socially-distanced table service only. All customers will order and pay for drinks using a smartphone by scanning a QR code which will display a drinks and simple food menu to order from.

The food offering will be run by a local established and respected pizza company, Turncoat Pizza, offering delicious wood-fired pizzas made onsite and ordered in the same way with the QR Code.

The drinks include draught Budvar, offering two types of the Czech Republic’s finest lagers, alongside some great local real ales from Liverpool Brewing Co and a modest but comprehensive spirits list including lovely local gins and first-class mixers. Orders are brought to each table by the venue’s fantastic and Covid-19 trained serving staff.

All the tables will have enormous parasols – 2.5m in diameter – so no matter the weather there will always be cover.

The Garden Bar will only accept table-seated groups of 6 people maximum (from a maximum of two households).

To help keep everyone as safe as possible, extra measures are being taken. The Garden Bar company has paid for an independent COVID-19 assessment and implemented strict hygiene and safety measures for customers and staff, including a bespoke disinfecting system that automatically sanitizes the toilets after each use. This hygiene system has been designed and created here in Liverpool by the makers of Aintree Gin. Additionally, a state of the art, environmentally friendly system will be used to safely sanitize the polycarbonate glassware off site daily, provided by Event Cup Solutions.

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